The Street Workout Game

Sometimes you just meet some friends, you all want to work out together but you have no plan prepared. Or you have an hour of free time but no idea what to do. Or you want to learn a new variation of exercise you already do and you need some inspiration. If that ever happened to you, Street Workout Game is for you.

Cards and rules for street workout game

Street Workout Game is 54 cards that you can print yourself for free and have some fun. The game has very simple rules which you can tailor to your own needs.

This is a first version of this game. I would love to hear your feedback so I can improve the game. And let your friends know about it!

You can download the game for free and/or change it however you want - change the number of reps, add or remove exercises etc. Just don't sell it and if someone is interested in where you got it, send them to this site. Thank you.